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Terra-Steel Construction System

Imagine a home constructed using totally natural, physician nontoxic materials and healthy building methods …an energy efficient home in which you and your family will feel living according to nature. A home that protects the environment during construction and for a lifetime of energy savings. A home that will provide safety and protection for your family. In few words, viagra sale a high quality home for a high quality family life.

This home is available today: Is a Terra-Steel home, health by Sunway Homes.

Home construction with earth walls has been made in all the continents except Antarctica for thousands of years, presenting two ancestral flaws: a vulnerability to water and a structural weakness. The Terra-Steel system invented by Sunway Homes resolves the two flaws, allowing the construction of low cost, sustainable, high quality, natural, safe and healthy homes.

One of Sunway Homes’ core values is the protection of our environment. The actual construction of houses has a very high embodied energy. (The total energy spent on the manufacturing of the building materials and on the homes construction). Sunway Homes developed a new construction system which reduces a 70% of the embedded energy of exterior walls, contributing to lowering the emission of hazardous carbon monoxide and other destructive contaminants into the atmosphere.

We call it Terra-Steel (Patent MX285246. Patents pending worldwide), and consists of a synergistic combination of specially designed steel structures with earth walls. The monolithic walls work with the structure providing a gigantic additional strength versus lateral loads, being particularly attractive in areas exposed to tornadoes and hurricanes.

The Terra-Steel system allows the construction of natural, healthy homes free of a variety of environmental health and safety concerns including: mold, lead, allergens and asthma causing factors, termite fighting pesticides, Phenol-formaldehyde resins and radon.

The following video presented by renowned environmental scientist Dr. David Suzuki describes the advantages of Earth Home Construction. The featured house is not a Terra-Steel home. The difference is that we incorporate  specially designed steel structures to construction, but the wall system and its advantages are similar.